Business owners often feel that to exit their business, there is no option but to sell.  This is not necessarily the case and in our experience, systems and structures can be put in place to relieve your day-to-day involvement without giving up ownership. 

Even if sale is the best path, effective succession planning will maximise business value and lead to much better results in the sale process. 

Before committing to the sale of your business, it is important to understand all options available for your exit and to prepare yourself as well as your business well in advance.

As a Licensed Business Broker, RtB Solutions operates in accordance with the Property Agents Act 2011. 

​As Licensee, John Galea has almost 20 years experience in Consulting and first worked as a Business Broker in 2007.

Our 8-step sale process is designed to maximise exposure within the target buyer market, create buyer confidence, maintain confidentiality and generate competition to maximise results. 

We handle every step in the process, keep you fully informed throughout and work with your respective advisors to ensure a smooth transition.


Whether you are a passive or active investor, the potential returns available from investing in the Small-Medium Enterprise market are worth consideration.  Of course, business investment carries its own risks and you should not make decisions lightly. 

We can provide a range of advice and experience to help your decision making process and if required, we are able to represent you in business purchase negotiations to get the best deal available for your investment.