How we work

​​RtB‘s service delivery approach is founded on the integration of our clients’ (and, indeed, our own) People, Processes and Systems to ensure that the clients receive an end-end business solution.

Consistent, efficient processes free people to think, create and improvise. To realize effective process change we examine the effectiveness of existing processes then redesign or replace non-optimal ones.

We concentrate on:

  • process ownership, goals, and measures

  • the extent of procedural documentation

  • process integrity across the business

  • the ability of processes to foster continuous improvement.

In delivering success, we recognise that Results are driven through Behaviours, so we work with our clients by:

  • providing good leadership

  • communicating a vision that is embraced by our clients and aligned to culture

  • ensuring clients’ staff are empowered

Different clients prefer to interact in different ways, therefore, we work

  • As your partner (with close collaboration)

  • In your place (taking responsibility whilst keeping you informed) or

  • Under your direction (as your experts)

Business, management and technology Systems assist in sustaining business solutions but can be overwhelming. In delivering tools for sustainability, we consistently align with ISO standards AS/NZS and other best practice approaches.

We are completely vendor agnostic when it comes to IT systems and we firmly believe that any tools MUST be designed to support your business and not the other way around. 

Our focus is always to integrate the physical deployment of business and technology systems with the capability uplift of your personnel and improvements to business process.

​We consistently view your challenges in the context of your overall business performance, to maximise the benefits that you will realise from our solutions across all performance areas.